Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun with Valithria

I'm going to put up a more detailed post about the Frostwing Halls later this week, but I couldn't help but share this picture from last night's Valithria, um, "save". It has to be seen to be believed.

Yes, that is 70k HPS during Bloodlust (and Guardian Spirit).



  1. You averaged 11808 HPS over the fight, just off my Skada meter parse. Guardian Spirit is fun to play with on this fight.

    Beast. :)

  2. Yeah, although looking at the parse, I seem to be capable of hitting ~10k HPS just normally raid buffed using Tidal Wave and T10 powered Healing Waves. I just can't sustain it very long without the MP5 buff. Each portal phase essentially bumped me up another 10k HPS on top of that as seen at the 1:30, 2:15 and 5:15 marks.

    I'm curious how much higher I could have gotten during the BL if I hadn't had one of those steam things spawn under me. That's a huge spike down during the few seconds I needed to move.

    That fight is super fun as a Resto Shaman :D

  3. May I ask what addon is used for that graph?

    Also, what rotation did you use when healing Valithras? Im elemental shaman, but im pretty sure from my experience that I would use Riptide:HW:HW:CH:HW:HW:Repeat (something like that) Passive raid healing from healing wave crits will make sure that raid members with lowest health always will be healed.

  4. It's just a screenshot from our WMO parse of the fight.

    Regarding rotation, what you posted is pretty much it for most of the fight. During the Bloodlust though, I just went with pure HW spam since there wasn't much need to haste them further with Tidal Waves.

  5. Ah I see, im not very familiar with use of WMO parses yet. I just look at my recount:p

    I was discussing the rotation with a guildie. What about throwing earth shield on Valithria and use rotation: Riptide:LHW:LHW:CH:LHW:LHW:Repeat with the LHW-glyph and arena totem which increas LHW SP?

  6. HW is higher throughput, especially if you're using the T10 2 piece bonus which will haste the first one in the rotation even further. The main downside to HW usually is the mana cost which is made negligible in the fight due to the mp5 buff.

  7. What classes would you say should have prio on getting the stacks? We had 3 healers outside healing raid and 2 druids + paladin inside picking up stacks. We wiped for 3 hours, our pala had 25k healing on average through the fight. The druid was like 12-15k.

  8. I'm not really familiar with the 25-man tuning since I'm in a 10-man strict guild, but shamans and paladins are likely to be able to output the highest single-target throughput with the stacks.

    The key to what we did on our kill was to have healers take multiple portals in a row. On the kill, it was myself and a holy priest taking portals and a druid healing the raid. The priest and I both took the first portal, then I took the next 2. After I came out of the third one, we popped BL and Guardian Spirit, then she took the next 2 and I took the last 1 before the fight ended.

  9. key to the fight...KEEP THE STACKS ROLLING!

    i out healed both pallys in our 25 man, and our main pally in our 10 man. Ended up with 40 + stacks in our 25man, with upwards of 21k hps.