Monday, January 25, 2010

1% Wipes

After an absolutely heartbreaking 0.8% wipe to Blood Queen Lana'thel on our last attempt this week. It brought back some (painful) memories of past fights that came down to the wire. They've been more rare in Wrath of the Lich King, but anyone who ever did Vaelastrasz in Blackwing Lair almost certainly has at least one story of a 1% wipe. He was notorious for how long that last percent could take (likely because he started at 30%, so 1% was actually 3.33% of his relevant health).

At the same time though, we can probably all think of at least one case where everyone is dying and in the midst of all the chaos a small portion of the raid manages to squeak out the last bits of damage to finish the boss. It's funny how a few thousand hit points can change everything.

For fun, I managed to find this old screenshot from a long, long time ago which still cracks me up whenever I look at it. You can't get much closer than that.

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